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Several times Leeteuk failed to get his driver’s license (and one time he didn’t).

Title: Several times Leeteuk failed to get his driver's license (and one time he didn't).
Pairing: Kangin/Leeteuk [Super Junior]
Rating: PG
Genre: crack, fluff
Word count: 600+
Summary: It's just harder than it looks. That's all. Nothing to do with Leeteuk's limited abilities, or with his illegally hot driving instructor.

Take 1

Leeteuk is ready for this. He got perfect grades at the theory test, he did trials on Kibum’s computer with a simulator.

He’s ready.

“Park Jungsu?” a young woman calls.

Leeteuk gets up on confident legs.

“That’s me!” he says with a charming smile.

The young woman smiles back curtly.

“You’ll take the test on car number two with instructor Kim Yongwoon,” she says, handing him a piece of paper.

Leeteuk jumps the lights twice because he’s too busy ogling his hot examiner.

Take 3

“You again?” Yongwoon says in disbelief.

“Yes!” Leeteuk chirps. “Believe it or not, I always seem to get stuck with you.”

Yongwoon sighs. “Yes, Taeyeon must think it’s a hilarious thing to do, pair you up with me.”

This time, Leeteuk is determined to handle things smoothly.

He actually thinks he’s doing well until Yongwoon asks him to pull over so he can vomit.

Take 6

“I can’t believe it,” Yongwoon sighs. “I just- I just can’t.”

“It’s not that bad…” Leeteuk tries.

“Jungsu…” Yongwoon starts.

“Oh, you might as well call me Leeteuk,” Leeteuk says. “We’re going to spend a lot of time together after all!”

“Considering you managed to drive us on a boat to Japan, yes, we are,” Yongwoon deadpans.

Take 9

“Hi Kangin!” the young cop on traffic duty greets Yongwoon at a red light.

“Yah!” Yongwoon bellows. “Cho Kyuhyun, respect your elders!”

“That’s the charm of the uniform,” the infuriatingly cute cop grins. “I can decide not to use honorifics.”

“You rascal!” Yongwoon – no, Kangin, since it seems that his friends get to call him that, Leeteuk seethes – growls.

So Leeteuk might have driven the car a bit close to the cop’s feet afterwards. So what.

Take 11

Everything is going peachy; Leeteuk keeps his eyes on the road, hands at ten o’clock on the steering wheel. And then he sees it, a cute little dog leaping out of his master’s hands and jumping on the road.

“Ni Qui!” the man says in a panic.

Leeteuk pulls off short in a screeching of tires and eventually drives the car into a lamppost, scaring off three pedestrians.

Kangin is staring at him.

Leeteuk can feel him staring.

“A cute little dog…” he whimpers.

Kangin sighs.

“No,” he tells Leeteuk.

Take 13

“I can’t do this.”

“You can.”

“No really I can’t.”

“No really you can.”

“Kanginnie, I don’t think I can.”

“Teukie-hyung, just take the goddam ticket.”

Take 14

“Hi Kangi-” Leeteuk stops short upon seeing an unfamiliar face in car number two.

“Yongwoon’s sick,” the pretty man drawls. “I’ll be his replacement, the greatest driving instructor in the world, Milky-White-Skin Kim Heechul.”

“…okay,” Leeteuk says.

After two blocks, Heechul props his feet on the dashboard and starts filing his nails.

“You’ll stop by the convenience store, buy me a pack of cigs,” he says after a short silence on Leeteuk’s part.

Later that day, Leeteuk finds his folder stamped with a big red ‘FAILED’.

“What the hell?” he screams.

“You double-parked in front of the convenience store,” Heechul says as an explanation. 

Take 72

“Um, why are you the one driving?” Leeteuk asks Kangin.

“Shut up for once, hyung,” Kangin answers with a slight smirk that makes Leeteuk’s blood warm up and something in his stomach whirr.

“No but really Kanginnie this is a nice view over Namsan Park and the Han River and the night lights are very pretty but I still need to get my license and mph-!”

Kangin kisses him over the hand brake and eventually pushes him against the wheel: the honk goes off, it’s quite awesome.

Take 89

“Park Jungsu,” Kangin says solemnly, down on one knee, holding out an envelope.

“Oh my,” Leeteuk gasps, eyes moist. “I’m not ready for this yet.”

(“Of course you’re ready, how old are you, ninety?” Kim Heechul cackles in the background.)

“Park Jungsu,” Kangin repeats, ignoring Heechul. “Would you do me the honor of accepting this driver’s license?”

“Yes,” Leeteuk sobs, “a thousand times, yes!”

    A/N: I don't know anymore. I just... no. Sorry. No excuse.     
Tags: fandom: sm town, fandom: super junior, pairing: kangin/leeteuk, rating: pg

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