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The Love Of Xing Lo, and other stories.

Pairing: QMi
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Sims 3™ AU
Length: 400+
A/N: First installment of a long series.
Summary: It's not exactly a match made in heaven.

The Love Of Xing Lo, and other stories.

Kyuhyun Super is a genius and a computer whizz. He’s got the full ten skill points in logic.

Zhou Mi lives in China; his lifetime wish is to become a rock star. 

It’s not exactly a match made in heaven, but lucky for them Zhou Mi sells antique relics and Kyuhyun wants to buy an incense holder to bring back home.

He agreeably introduces himself to Zhou Mi and suddenly finds himself wishing to discover new personality traits about him. Kyuhyun makes a joke (something dubious about a lama and Sim Fu with a lame punch line). Against all expectations, Zhou Mi likes Kyuhyun’s joke and thinks Kyuhyun is sociable (and kind of cute, but he doesn’t tell him).

It ends with Zhou Mi teaching Kyuhyun a love song in Chinese and then Kyuhyun singing it to him over and over again until Zhou Mi thinks Kyuhyun is very seducing (and really, really cute) and Kyuhyun kisses Zhou Mi.

It’s Kyuhyun’s first kiss and he thinks it’s amazing. Zhou Mi thinks the good thing about that kiss is that it leaves a lot of room for progress.

Zhou Mi accepts to move in with Kyuhyun (adding an extra 2000 Simoleons to their home, which allows Kyuhyun to buy a plasma screen) and they go back together to their house, a small cottage with a single bed – they promptly buy a double with a silk comforter – and only a chess table with one chair in the living room.

All in all, Zhou Mi moving in makes quite a dent in Kyuhyun’s finances, but as a well-paid scientist, it’s not a big deal.

In the evening, Zhou Mi lies down on the bed to relax and asks Kyuhyun to join him so they can cuddle. Once Kyuhyun is there, he asks him how his day went, never mind that they spent it together.

In a sudden, passionate impulse, Kyuhyun grabs hold of Zhou Mi and asks if Zhou Mi wants to woohoo with him, trailing a hand up Zhou Mi’s long, skinny leg. Zhou Mi accepts with a flirty smile and they jump under the covers.

It’s very romantic: there are rose petals and little hearts falling softly over them while a cute music box covers the sound of their laughter and gasps.

Afterwards they emerge from under the covers and Zhou Mi discovers Kyuhyun’s ugly little dinosaur-patterned briefs.

Once, Kyuhyun is searching the galaxy and he finds a small, white star. He names it Zhou Mi and later when he tells Zhou Mi about it, Zhou Mi is pleased.

“To me,” Kyuhyun tells him, “you’re already a star.”

Tags: fandom: sm town, fandom: super junior, fic: sims 3 au, pairing: kyuhyun/zhou mi, rating: pg-15

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